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Ray J's house has quickly become divided between the diva/party girls and the darling/conservative girls.In search of a girl who really knows him, Ray creates a challenge to test the girls - The Foxy Feud Challenge.14 lovely women join Ray at an exclusive concert in Hollywood where Ray performs his hit single "Sexy Can I".After the stunning performance, they are whisked away to Ray J's palatial mansion and treated to a sumptuous dinner, as well as more and more drinks.So Ray challenges his ladies to impress him with a "video chat." Almost all of the ladies do just that, but the three that impressed him the most go on a sexy yacht date where he learns from them that one of the girls in the house may still have a boyfriend at home.At eliminations, Ray realizes not just one, but two more girls aren't fit to stay in the house and must go home.I really took the time to get to know him as a person.

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I feel like I can connect with people, and I’m glad that’s part of my personality. It was obvious that I wasn’t there to date him just because he’s famous.

The show, which premiered on February 2, 2009, follows Ray J and his entourage of female suitors to clubs in Los Angeles, to Las Vegas where they’ll party with his friends, and to Ray’s childhood home where they’ll meet his family and older sister Brandy Norwood.

According to one commentator, the concept of the show involves pampering the contestants with "upscale trips throughout the series" and "Ray J's so in love that he's already given participating girls names like Cashmere, Unique and Hot Cocoa." Multi-platinum hip-hop artist Ray J has traveled the world and lived the life of a superstar, but now he's ready to find true love.

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R&B singer Ray J has come forward to set straight rumours he is gay - insisting the stories were started by a snubbed contestant on his reality TV dating show.

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