Mcafee dats not updating

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The problem is a false positive which identifies a regular Windows binary, "svchost.exe", as "W32/Wecorl.a", a virus. Several readers reported that this procedure worked to recover: 1 - Boot the system in "Safe Mode" 2 - copy in c:/program files/common files/mcafee/engine 3 - reboot. I have contacted Technical Support by chat on another machine (without Mc Afee) and I have never been told that there was any problem with the latest update although I asked for directly. When the news broke, I was cringing waiting for the phone to start ringing off the hook.....silence IS golden! The repair made it to the Installing Devices portion and then rebooted. it wants to continue running the repair, but it can't.If you are affected, you will see a message like: Mc Afee released an updated DAT file, and an "EXTRA. If you lost "svchost.exe", then you need to copy it back to c:/Windows/system32/while in safe mode. tstart=0 Mc Afee Knowledgebase Article: I finally found how to fix my computer through a blog. Now the system is stuck in an endless boot loop in the middle of the repair. Now that I know about the Mcafee problem, I could fix it if I could just get back to the desktop.

The affected systems will enter a reboot loop and loose all network access.

Thanks for any advice Assuming you'll have access to Mc Afee's standalone virus definitions DAT update, it will be an . I downloaded latest 7602and placed it on a shared folder.

EXE file that you will simply run on the workstation to be updated.

Mc Afee no longer supports a version of Virus Scan that is compatible with Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95 and Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier.

The ITS Help Desk is therefore unable to provide support or free anti-virus software for computers running these operating systems.

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