Pros and cons of dating single mothers

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I’m very thankful that I had my son before I got married, because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have married the kind of person that I would like to be married to now.Even aside from that, I can decide to do “crazy” things like live in a van or move hundreds of miles away to get a cheap house. I can take off at a moment’s notice for anywhere that I can afford to go, and stay for months at a time if I have a mind to. I’m sure I would still have a close relationship with my son, but when it’s just the two of you, I think there is a little something extra.Pros: You can ruin it just to spite them if your inner teenager rears her ugly head. Cons: Wait, why are you ruining a perfectly good relationship just because your parents set it up? Would you ever consider letting them use an actual matchmaking site?

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But maybe it's not the worst thing you could do for your love life.

It is not a surprise to meet a single mom nowadays.

The divorce statistics beat new records every year.

Husbands who are strict disciplinarians, who insist upon spanking.

Men who are dead-set, 100% against homeschooling, not to mention unschooling.

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