Sophos not updating from secondary server

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The source location in as defined in the software points to the following web page (cropped as I cannot see the full location): Update/CIDs....The secondary location is just defined as, "Sophos".MIT's Sophos antivirus clients transmit information back to the Sophos Management Console.Most of the information pertains to the status and health of the Sophos client installed on a given machine.Part of the licensing agreement requires that the Uof R have reasonable controls in place to ensure that only authorized people use this product.

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It is therefore urgent to move all Macs to SAV9 by April 2014.IS&T has listed all of the information transmitted from the Sophos client to the Sophos Management Console below.The non-Sophos information collected is important in the event that a software update by an operating system vendor (Microsoft, Apple, etc.) adversely affects the functionality of Sophos.We forced a program update to version 10 (this issue existed before the forced update from 9.5), but it cannot connect to the servers to get the virus definitions.I have included a text log of the output for the update attempt.

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